I am Paul, a primary school teacher for the past 10 years. I have had my highs and lows, and I love teaching, but sometimes I wish the blogs I read, or Pinterest posts of classrooms were a little more honest. So my blog is my intention to present the honest side of teaching which is hopefully funny, interesting and informative. It will cast a sly eye on teaching! 
The Art of Napping in the Life of a Primary School Teacher

The Art of Napping in the Life of a Primary School Teacher

Its just about a week since you've been back in the classroom. You probably feel like you've never been away, and as such, wonder how summer could feel so far away, even though its just 8 days or so. 

One of the biggest things that hits me once I return to school, is the tiredness. That ALL OVER BODY tiredness. An example of what it looks like is falling into bed at 4pm after school and barely getting up again until the next morning. Not everyone is lucky to be able to sleep off the back-to-work, running after children, peeling play-dough off tables, sitting through meetings, smiling widely at home-time tiredness, some teachers just have to take naps! 

NAPS - the equivalent of heaven when planned and executed well. 

There are various types of the nap, in my opinion. And I want to go through them!  

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The after school napper? You get in from school wrecked, no time for the kettle, you don't even unpack your bags, you just slide under the duvet, clothes still on for "5 minutes" and ZZZZZZZzzzzz

The post-dinner napper? You've just finished dinner, and probably eaten it quiet early because you were starving, you decided to sit down to watch the news....and zZZZZZ

The accidental napper? You sit down on the bed maybe folding some clothes or to take the weight off, then before you know it, you decide you will just rest lying down....ZZZZzzzzz

The stubborn napper? This is where you refuse to nap or take a break, you sit down up right reading the paper, or watching some TV and before you know it ZZZzzzzzz

The promising napper? These are the naps where you say to yourself, a quick nap, then I will go to the gym or make my lunches for the week, you basically negotiate with yourself so you can nap

The huh what, where am I napper? These are the worst and best naps.... when you fall asleep at a friends house! They look bemused at you, and your ability to fall asleep randomly! 

Maybe you just don't get to nap, and thats fine, maybe you get to bed a little earlier than me. But something I will always associate with teaching are the Naps!

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