I am Paul, a primary school teacher for the past 10 years. I have had my highs and lows, and I love teaching, but sometimes I wish the blogs I read, or Pinterest posts of classrooms were a little more honest. So my blog is my intention to present the honest side of teaching which is hopefully funny, interesting and informative. It will cast a sly eye on teaching! 
New Year, New Fear: Back-to-School Fails

New Year, New Fear: Back-to-School Fails

In my humble opinion, the worst back-to-school feeling, is this time of year and yes it is worse than the summer back-to-school feeling! 

You see, after the summer, you kind of want to get back to a routine, you are excited to be in one place not spending money, and hopefully earning money if you were searching for a job. 

But lets be honest, the after Christmas back-to-school feeling is only horrendous.

We have such hopes for the first day/week/ month rest of your life but if like me, these hopes become fails faster than when you ate that first tin of Roses. 


1. New Year, New Me

You plan to have a healthy prepared lunch everyday - new lunch boxes were purchased, with one piece of tupperwear for each raspberry, because you need to use them all! 

Reality; You get very tired the Sunday night, and decide that relaxing or not thinking about school "just yet" is far more beneficial and sure "a few slices of brown bread and a yogurt will do" sure thats is kind of CLEAN EATING. The lunch revolution, that will start Tuesday! (instead)...

2. All the Sleep!

You plan to go to bed early on Sunday, and with all the sleep practice you had over Christmas, you will get a good night rest before the first day back where everyone is chomping at the bit, wondering what on earth happened to the last two weeks!

Reality - after tossing and turning for what seems like hours, you finally fall asleep at 4am, with the horrendous knowledge that you're up at 6am - you awake like rabbit in the headlights with bad hair and no lunch... 

3. All the New Ideas

You have been ruminating about your class all Christmas, and you have so many nice ideas to try out. The nostalgic glow of Christmas has made you think you will try so many wonderful Pinterest worthy ideas, and they will work, and improve the kids, the class and your life 

Reality - the kids are wrecked, and still, the same kids, and no good idea can be attempted until at least 2 weeks in! 

4. The After-school Plan

You have been persuaded by disgruntled cousins, how much time you have off in the evening, and start to plan all manner of things you could do, like the gym, or a walk, or even a coffee with friends...

The reality - You are absolutely pooped and literally those two hours before everyone else finishes work is for napping so you can function with your significant other and not get dumped! 

5. Early to Bed

You will, you will go to bed before 10. You will have the lunch made, the bag prepared, and everything ready so you can fall into bed at 10, and read a little, then nod off to sleep. 

Reality - as you scroll through your phone at 11.30 am, or turn the TV off, you remember that you've been here before, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, but it's the same you, and big plans never work all at once. 

SO this year, when you go back on Monday try one new thing 

1. Be kind to yourself.

And good luck back in school!!

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